Defiling Magic
The very nature of Defiling Magic destroy’s and drains life. As defilers cast their spells plant’s shrivel and the life-force of creatures are drained on their very being.

When you choose this school at 2nd level you deal damage equal to the spell level to living creatures within 5 feet of you. For each creature damaged this way increase damage and save dc by 1.

Power Overwhelming
Defiler’s can draw their power from the ambient life force around them.

At 6th the defiler can drain the life of the world around him. The area that the defiler can drain from is increased to 10 ft. and the defiler can choose targets to drain and not to drain. If there any plant matter or other type of minor life than it counts as 1 creature.

Sense Life
Contrary to popular belief Defilers have a very strong connection to the life forces of Athas. Many of the stronger defilers have learned to pick out the strongest life forces to amplify their powers.

Starting at 10th level, a defiler can spend an action to pick out the life forces of living creatures in a radius equal to 10 ft. The defiler can pick out number and relative hit point strength, i.e. Strongest to weakest, of the living creatures in the radius. Each creature has a unique life-force signature, a creature can be identified by it’s life-force much like a fingerprint. The radius increase to 15 ft. at wizard level 15 and 20 ft. at 20th level.

Empowered Defiling
Defilers can empower their own life-force at the sacrifice of others.

At 14th level a defiler can gain temporary hit points equal to damage dealt by their defiling. The maximum number of temp hit points that can be gained is equal to their wizard level. Any extra temps are lost.


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